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iOS-Editor/Player/Administrator - version 1.9.5
The LearnBolt iOS App is available for iPad and iPhone. The iPad provides complete Editor, Player, and Administration for collecting, organizing, and sharing of your content. The iPhone allows Administrators, Supervisors, and Trainers to capture and share(bolt) Media Packs, Learn Paths, and Courses. Learners will enjoy full player capabilities using the iPhone

New Premium Features updates :

  • Trim captured media - iPad
  • Capture/Trim media - iPhone
  • Course Activity reporting
  • Export User Activity reports
  • Promo code Upgrade option
  • View Courses on iPhone
  • Share Courses from iPhone
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Android Player- Tablet/Smartphone version 1.0
The LearnBolt Player allows the learner to received and view Learn Paths, Media files, and Media Packs shared for the LearnBolt Editor (iOS). When content is shared to an user signed in on an Android device, she will be received an instant notification. To View shared content you must be connected to the internet via wifi or a mobile connection. Happy Learning!
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Web - Admistrator and Player -version 02-06-19
LearnBolt Web is now available for viewing media content and Learn Path and Course user activity. New Accounts can now be created and upgraded via a web browser. Administrators, Supervisors can now log in and view user activity and Trainers and Learners can view the latest Shared Media Packs and items. Sharing and Media Packs, Learn Paths, and Courses coming soon.

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